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David Fisher

The prime researcher for the books contained in the collection on David, a former government official who now works for a government contractor, is a presidential enthusiast who has amassed a personal collection of more than 750 presidential biographies (see below). represents a tribute to the widely varied group of individuals who have had the honor to lead this country.


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Brian Fisher

The chief technologist and developer behind Brian is a 17-year old high school junior. For this project he taught himself the technology that enables the database, queries, and rendering of content on the site. Brian benefitted from technology advice and support from his uncle, Steve Fisher, and family friend, Scott Eisenberg, as well as the extensive knowledge sharing from the technical community on the Internet. Fisher is also the designer and developer of multiples apps currently available on the Apple App Store. These apps include: Rocket Flyer, Course Correct, Jamie Raskin for Congress, and B-CC High School.

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