About The Collection

After finding it to be very difficult to easily locate anything but the most popular titles about the most popular presidents, we decided to initiate a focused and systematic effort to find every book written about a president of the United States. The result is which houses the most comprehensive collection of books ever written about U.S. Presidents and a search engine that makes the collection easily accessible for the interested reader, student, or researcher. We searched numerous online sites for content, and then cross-referenced against bibliographies from an extensive number of individual biographies. The collection totals more than 5,000 books, ranging from the 19 about Chester Arthur to the 633 that feature Abraham Lincoln. While we recognize that our collection is undoubtedly incomplete, we have captured every presidential book we could find that meets our criteria (see below). We hope you enjoy discovering the untold treasures that appear in this collection.

In performing our research, we established criteria that would determine what we would include on All books about U.S. presidents were included, except in the following circumstances:

What’s Included

For each book we have captured the following data elements, each of which can be used to query specific books:

We have also included a link to where you may find many of these books for purchase, although we have no affiliation with that, or any other, web site. For many of the older volumes, they can be downloaded for free via Google Books.